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    The only bashing im gonna do is Scag doesn't make a 42" :nono:its a 48", i guess that was more of a correction. But I have seen the JRCO attachments work and they do a great job. I would have them, well atleast the aerater but im not spending 2k on it:cry: especially when i can rent a machine for a day for a few hundred if I had to.
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    Aeration is best done with a smaller, more versatile and manueverable machine. Tractors and trees don't mix. Niether do plugs and tires - what a mess.
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    from what i have read, your are not supposed to do it every year. i think most of my reading is like every third year.

    side note: have you guys noticed alot of people posting with their guard up? i think this should be telling the moderators something.
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    The only guard I put up - is to make sure, that I don't just go off the deep end, in my ramblings. Sometimes, making the effort - helps. :)

    Otherwise, you can't put a 'one size fits all' criteria on aeration. You do it when it is necessary. That is why it is good to understand - What aeration accomplishes.

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    Leave the plugs on the ground. They actually help break down the thatch layer and are and important component of the aeration process. Check out the link to american-lawns that FYS777 posted earlier - good info.

    Also, this might sound like a simple no-brainer, but don't forget to sweep or blow any plugs that get onto the sidewalk or driveway back onto the lawn. You would be surprised at the number of LCO's that leave plugs strewn all over the walkways.

    We do a bit of work in a golf course community that has some pretty pricey homes and a lot of chatty residents - in several instances we've been told that we got the aeration job because we left the walkways clean at the neighbors house. That simple deed in turn has opened doors for additional work.

    Good luck to you.
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    i agree, we blow off the plugs and seed and fert. well, anything that makes a mess on concrete from us

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