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  1. VO Landscape Design

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    My own yard is small but it needs aerated bad, plus I have a hill on one side that is a bear to mow let alone run a aerator on it. Do they make small machines, like a 21" mower size? If not what alternatives do I have? Our local rental place only has large loose 20 lbs from sweating machines.
  2. RigglePLC

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    Why do you think it needs aeration? Any symptoms of not enough air? Iowa soils are mostly good. Have a soil test. Correct deficiencies, if any. Apply slow release nitrogen. Overseed in fall with improved varieties of grass, sod-quality stuff. Install underground irrigtion. And...hope that freezing and thawing this winter will be sufficient to make the soil soft, allowing air, fertilizer and water to penetrate.
  3. EastCoast

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    Lawn Solution makes a 21" Aerator:

    Engine - Briggs Pro 8.5
    Weight - 260 lbs.
    Speed 0-4 mph: Hydrostatic w/ 2 cruising speeds.
    Max width - 31.5"
    Aerating width - 21"
    Tines - 3.5" spacing; 6 rows of 6 tines per disk (36 total tines)
    Plugs - depth is adjustable from 2" - 4"
    Productivity - 3/4 acre per hour
  4. VO Landscape Design

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    Male, from Mt. Pleasant Ia.
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    Did soil test, needs a little of everything. The yard is hard and hasn't had much done to it over the last 8 years.
  5. dogtired

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    Looking for the best aerator. Any opinions?
  6. turfcobob

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    Hire a professional and have them do it for you.
  7. Will P.C.

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    I am as hands on as anyone, but I do not do aeration on my own yard.

    By the time I rent a machine, pick it up and drop it off, and my actual labor doing it, I would come out cheaper having it done and avoid the pain the ass of taking it to and from. Not too mention the labor and cheap neighbors trying to "borrow" the aerator to "run it across really fast" I'm serious, I had about 6-7 neighbors stop me my first time I rented one, people I hadn't spoken to in months stopping in cars pestering me to use the machine

    I pay 70 dollars for 6-7k square feet.

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