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    Be very careful with fescue and its ability to fill in areas the size of a baseball, if its healthy... my fescue lawns are not irrigated and barely sprinkled with hoses and for no good reason the client believes they should be plug aerated and they look worse every Spring...
    Aerate for compaction if compaction is a real issue... otherwise fescue doesn't create the thatch problem, so aeration should only be used on fescue if there is a real need to...
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    I agree Axe that they should only be aerated if compaction is a problem and yes the irrigated lawns will recover much faster....
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    The owner insists that I aerate and overseed pretty thick. I would love to keep this customer as messing up his yard would probably be a definite drop. These are two pics I hope may help on the issue. If you need more let me know and I will get them.

    photo 1 (1).jpg

    photo 2 (1).jpg
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    It sure doesn't look like it needs seeded to me but if he insists , wont take no for an answer and wants to pay for it, why not?
    The aeration will help and some of the seed will come up in the holes.
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    Smallaxe and I will just have to agree to disagree on the aeration, seeding and fertilizing topic. Everybody here does it in the fall. I have never seen it cause damage or cause a lawn to thin out. After a couple weeks the cores break down and disappear into the turf and the new seed starts germinating and fills in thin areas. Now completely bare areas I do use a garden weasel. I cover the bare spots heavy with seed and then weasel the area and put another layer of seed on top.

    Just did mine today as a matter of fact. I have the nicest lawn in the neighborhood. I am on 2 acres and have a well so obviously irrigation is out of the question so I have to deal with what mother nature gives me. I dont bother too much with the backyard. I only aerate and seed the thin areas in the back. All my attention goes to the front yard which is about an acre.



    This was a thin area I went over a couple times.


    And the seed I use. The thermal blue survives and spreads and fills in nicely here in the transition zone. Regular bluegrass does not work very well here.



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