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  1. Jonathan Johnson

    Jonathan Johnson LawnSite Member
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    Any recommendations on a good machine to get to do aeration. I am new to the business and have mostly been mowing yards, but I would like to offer more services and I think it is the time of the year for aeration.


  2. Smallaxe

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    We have a Turfco walk behind at the rental shop I always get... If I bought one it would probably be like that... it is a 'Plugger' not a piercer...
  3. SteveHuffman

    SteveHuffman LawnSite Member
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    If you have any questions about a Turfco aerator please give me a ring. 763-785-1000 ext 119. I will do my best to help you out!
  4. Mike A

    Mike A LawnSite Member
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    Exmark makes a great 21" aerator. It pulls a good 3" core and is easy to maneuver
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  5. Jonathan Johnson

    Jonathan Johnson LawnSite Member
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    How much can I charge for aeration?
  6. turfcobob

    turfcobob LawnSite Senior Member
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    You need to SHOP the competition in your market to see where aeration is selling price wise. big mistake made by beginners is they under-price the service. A rule of thumb is two to 2.5 times what you charge for a mowing. Remember aeration allows them to cut back on water and fert so you are saving them money on the back side. If you want some marketing tips and selling tips give me a call sometime. Too much to write here.
    Turfcobob 520-836-8162 in the air today but in office next week.
  7. Exact Rototilling

    Exact Rototilling LawnSite Fanatic
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    Yes shop the competition. The big Application Co. here have dropped the price in the market. 1.5x - barely 2x the mowing rate.

    Turfco Bob,

    Is there any way you can put together an aeration factoids and marketing program and offer it for sale?

    Winter project perhaps...?
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  8. turfcobob

    turfcobob LawnSite Senior Member
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    Look on for a flyer "Why Aerate My Lawn" or "How to get started in Aeration" Or if you have time call me we can chat..

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