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    Need some advice.
    I have an old Ryan aerator. It has its own trailer. It is very top heavy. I almost lost it over a 4 foot ledge.
    Here in Vegas we have lawns that have these little 1/2 to 1 inch rocks around them. They also put in these 3 foot gates to the back yard. I don't know if the aerator will fit, but because of these rocks and the weight of the machine it makes it impossible to get the machine in the back yard. Any ideas with this problem??

    Also I was thinking about an aerator that I could pull with a 4 wheeler? Other than being careful not to tear up the lawns with the wheels. Is it a good idea. Has anyone done this before? I do have some big lawns and on a hill. So if figured it might be a good idea. I have seen aerator being pulled by tractors. I don't know if they needed the PTO or not.

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  3. Aerating on hills with a 4 wheeler is harder to do than with a ZTR.
    I did it last year and rolled the 4 wheeler down the hill.

    Yes you can do it.

    To get in small gates get a smaller aerater. My lesco 26" the wheels come off to get in smaller areas

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    Allyn, can you rent? Check it out, and maybe you can get a safer unit to use without spending all the bucks for a machine. Course if your rich like LawnGodFather, then go get 2 and send me one!

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