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    This may be off base, but I was wondering why folks in the upper Midwest & southern Midwest were aerating in August? Even September, cuz I just checked the NWS map regarding precip since June, and it ain't pretty. I can understand aerating lawns that are irrigated, but how 'bout the bulk of lawns which are not irrigated?

    We finally received 7/10 of an inch this week. That was the heaviest rain event since mid June. Hoping for more rain so we can "do the job right". imo

    1) Are some folks aerating just cuz it fits "their schedule"?
    2) Is it best to aerate when soils are moist?
    3) What length of aeration plugs are acceptable for you?
    4) Do you aerate lawns when air temps exceed 90 degrees?
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    funny how the weather changes,
    had an exceptionally dry and hot summer in my area
    90-100's and less than 1" rain in 2 months

    now this fall we have been deluged with rain,
    it has been good, aerating good, seeding all coming
    in nice etc..

    did about 50 aerates this fall, way down,
    usaually do about 100, but i have no help this year,
    so im only doing the accounts that had signed up prior

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    Since you must know! 60% of our customers are irrigated lawns. Most of the lawns we started with where renovations....Slice seeding and aeration! Not to mention we use the best aeration equipment around.
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    i was going to start a thread about the things amercianlawn mentioned but i guess it is better here.

    the issue of lack of rain and guys still doing it!

    there are guys here aerating lawns all over, and i see nothing but 1/2in cores!! i mean, what kind of jackass does this? they may get paid, but when there is not a result from this in the end, the customer will call someone who does a good job so they lose in the end. idiots everywhere i tell ya
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    RABBIT- nuthin' personal, but I checked the NOAA/NWS, etc, etc. Seems you're part of the Midwest has suffered the most (regarding drought conditions). Corn & soybean yeilds are also lowest in your area - and the highest is in my area (Iowa/southern Minnesota).

    Then you say 60% of your customers irrigate on a regular basis. I think that's a "stretch", cuz even here, many homeowners are too cheap to run their systems.

    We still have aeration jobs, just hoping we can do them soon (hoping for more precip)

    A T-Guy to a Z-Guy >> wishing you all the best. :waving:

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    Okay you know better than I do! I know your familiar with our customers, and how our customers irrigate their properties. My mistake!
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    As mentioned earlier we ot our aerating done in a timely manner. However we looked for more with little luck. How do you promote this service with your clients? We have very few who take advantage of this service.
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    Z-Plugger has no problem aerating in dry soil, In fact I think it does better in dry soil then moist. This thing works great.:clapping:

    my 2 cents.
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    Well we pull deep plugs on non irrigated lawns, I pull small plugs on irrigated lawns, up here we have rocky soil and run into irrigation lines sometimes only down an inch. I don't want to swiss cheese a system, most of my lawns are irrigated but they look great.
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    It's just like spring around here. standing water all over the place. lawns are all mud. I can't wait til it freezes

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