Aerator Bluebird or Ryan?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by TNT MOWING, Jun 15, 2008.


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    What are some of the pros and cons of a Bluebird 530 and a Ryan Aerator V.


    Operator Friendly.



    Any thing else that yall can think of.

  2. lawnpro724

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    Their both a workout but pull good plugs. I like the Ryan a little better than the bluebird since its a little easier to manover around but both will give you good results.
  3. 2fatguyslawncare

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    Love my ryan.
  4. turfcobob

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    I just have to answer this one. I have been helping develop aerators since we made the change from the L-15 at Ryan. Now there was a truely MEAN MACHINE. 650 pounds of aeration terror, it went where ever it wanted to. Then we developed the Lawnaire series and aeration changed for 30 years.
    Now the questions
    The speed of all the rolling aerators is nearly the same. A fast walk. Ground speed is not an issue on most lawns as most of your time will be spent fighting with the unit because of turns, slopes and obstacles. Not many flat, open larges lawns around. Operator friendly, I think not. But you have to go back to the 1970s when the present design was developed it was much easier than the old Hahns and Ryans available. But by todays standards they are tough to operate. You have to fight them on slopes, pick them up to turn them and fight them back across the slope. In tight spaces they are just plain mean. Control is simple, if you are strong you are in control, tired or weak the machine goes where it wants to. It is just like running a roto tiller on top of the ground. Power, they all have plenty of power we all use the same engines with the 6 to one reduction so power is not an issue unless you try to slow the machines down then you will have a power issue.
    Plainly put Aeration with traditional aerators is a mean business for young strong people but it does make a lot of $$$$$ when it is sold right and managed right. Now if you do want a new generation aerator that even us old guys can operate look at the Turfco TurnAer aerators you can turn them with brakes and ride on big lawns plus they spring lift out of the ground. Just click on one of the turfco ads you see here on lawn site.

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