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Aerator choices


LawnSite Member
Northeast, AL
I have currently become interested in buying an aerator. I do not have a big need for my business yet, but personally I want to get one for my own place. My best friend is looking into getting also. We have talked about going in halves for our own personal use. The only ones I have ever seen in stores are at Lowes and Home Depot. Are these effective or do I need to buy a large commecial version. If so, where do I need to look for one.


LawnSite Member
Columbus, Ohio
Lowes and Home Depot sell used aerators Both Bluebird and Classen- This will get you a reasonable machine to start with, however there are better machines on the market.


LawnSite Fanatic
McKees Rocks, PA
If you want a tow behind one, I just bought a brinly 40inch plug aerator from home depot for $170 this weekend. It works great!


LawnSite Silver Member
Southern WI
I think a decent aerator would cost you too much to just use twice a year on your own property, when you can rent one for 22 bucks for 2 hours(around here, anyways).

But if you plan to offer aeration as a service then yes, i say get one.

The bluebird and ryan aerators are beasts to operate from what I have read here. I guess they really give a guy a workout.