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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grassmasterswilson, Jun 1, 2010.

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    I'm looking into adding an core aerator to my arsenal. I am a solo operator, so easy to use and use for a long time is a big plus. I am looking at the ride on's by clausen and lawn solutions, but not sure if I can justify the cost. Think I could get a ton of aerations done and even really push new aerations if I had one of those.

    Any thoughts on the ride on's? What about split drive? Are they as easy to turn and use as the videos? What brands to look at or stay away from?
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    I'm a solo also. Last year I picked up a Classen TA-19 split drive. I like it and find that it is quite easy to maneuver and does a great job. I don't have any experience with other brands.

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    I would have a split drive if it were not for the fact that I acquired my Classen TA-26 nine years ago for a thousand dollars,
    it is used and it does take more maintenance per hour of use than the mowers but in terms of an investment that machine is
    some of the better money I have spent.

    Parts and things do wear out over the years but it's nothing when compared to a lawn mower,
    granted I've replaced probably 4-5-600 dollars worth of parts over the years but it's way simple to work on
    and my unit looks about the same shape today than the day I bought it, I am not making this up.

    Is it worth the investment, I dare say so long you keep up on the maintenance (which isn't much other than when a part breaks,
    it does need oil AND gear case oil changes, the belt and the tines wear out also) that you'd get 20 years out of a new one without half the hassle that other machines that age like to give us.

    It's hard work, no doubt about it, one thing that makes it a little easier is if you allow the tines
    to wear down some before replacing them but watch how far you let them go lol

    Still well worth the money, aeration just goes so hand in hand with everything lawn.
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    thanks guys. i'm really pushing up selling my current customers and trying to add new lawn application customers. we will just see which side grows faster. I do 4-500,000 sq ft a year between fall overseedings on fescue and summer aerations on centipede and bermuda. One of the great and not so great perks of living in a transition zone. we have a little of everything!!

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