Aerator & Power Rake rental vs Purchase

Discussion in 'Rental Equipment' started by rtmfd88, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. rtmfd88

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    Hey guys,

    Wanting some opinions on this one..... I am debating rental vs. purchase of an aerator and power rake for the 2013 season. When I used to live in the south and was in business with my dad we used a core aerator quite a bit and never de-thatched lawns. I'm up here in Wyoming now dealing with cool season grasses and I'm sure not all my accounts will want their lawns thatched and aerated but if I found a couple low hour machines for a good price I would consider investing in them just to avoid the hassles of equipment rental. I probably wouldn't use them more than twice per year (spring and fall) on 15-20 primarily residential accounts. Any thoughts??
  2. cpllawncare

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    The general rule of thumb is if you need it more than 50% of the time then buy it if not rent. I also want to buy an aerator but don't really have a enough business yet to justify it.
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  3. newguy123

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    Well it depends on what type of aerator that you want...if you want the stand on, well those are expensive. But you should be able to pick up a fairly inexpensive one, it will probably be a walk behind but you'll make your money back quick. I bought one last fall and before the fall was over I made my money back plus more.

    On the dethatcher, do you have a zero turn? If so get a JRCO mounter dethatcher for your zero turn. The walk behind dehatchers almost pull up too much thatch, I only use those for very bad lawns.
  4. OP

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    Thanks for the input. I like the idea of renting for the time being. I have an Exmark Viking 48 so a JRCO dethatcher may be something to consider down the road.
  5. rbljack

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    Depends on a few other factors too. I went ahead and bought one used for 550 bucks. Where I live, its not possible to rent one in the local area. I wanted to do my lawn, and they wanted to charge me 150 bucks. I found a used machine for 550 that runs. Needs a bit of work, but will work for now. I figured if I can get about 10 lawns, it will pay for itself and start making me some money, so I went ahead and bought one. Now the downside is that its going to sit in my garage taking up space till spring comes around. have to consider the amount of use and whether or not you have a place to store it when not on the trailer.

    happy thanksgiving
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  6. Lawn132012

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    I would definitely get a used one as you want to make sure it is a kind you are able to use with no problems. I mean make and model that kind of thing. I mean we ALL know down to the vehicle there are some that are better then others but then again it comes down to preference. I am sure the one I use may not be the one that my competition uses for several reasons from price to size.

    I would rent and use several kinds to see which works easier for your company and then look into purchasing down the road. It may even be a thing that you look into which is easier to maintain.
  7. jonniebud

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    i rented for a bit till i saw the ways other people treated the equipment.then i changed my mind and bought.the quality of the job improved the jobs and reliabilty other landscapers want to rent my equipment and i tell them no cause i doubt they will fix it if they wreck it, i know that for a fact
  8. Greencuts518

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    Yes I believe in renting unless your using it often. Maintenance,storage for pt use. And those walk behind de thatchers do a great job where as those de thatch attachment for mowers I felt I wasn't overly impressed.

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