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    ok,, I know nothing about aerating lawns, can someone explain the basics for me. I just want to cover my self ,incase i have a customer ask about it. If there is enough interest then I may add it to my service.
    Also what does it cost to buy one and what is the usuall charge.
    thanks again for the help
    ps, rolling and dethatching is also a concern of mine, any info on these would help to.
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    sorry, always forget the search option.
    Im searching now.
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    You might also want to send a PM to 65hoss...he does a boatload of aerating and knows a lot about it too.
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    Also do a search on Google. You will find tons of info on the web for you to use.

    Remember just because I can get a certain price does not mean you will. Call some people in your area that offer it and get a price. See if the price is aeration only, core or spike, does price include fertilizer?

    Another option is if you know someone that offer's aeration, maybe you could work a deal with them for you to line up the work, pass it to the other guy and still make money for the contact. This would allow you to offer that service without spending lots of cash for something you have little knowledge of.

    By the way, I use the Rock Solid Plugr walk behind aerator. Awesome little machine and does wonders pulling cores!

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