Aerator rent or buy?????


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Seymour Indiana
Well I have decided to add aeration as a added service this fall...and have prised a ryan for 2100.00...However I am just now getting into aeration and thought about doing a aeration leaf removel promotion this fall...But my question is do you guys feel renting is a good option??? I fell that is somewhat wasteful..however a aerator is a iteim used very you guys rent or own??


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East Tennessee
I rented last 2 seasons. Just purchased new Kubota 7400 hst 4wd and Ryan 48" 3 point tow areator. The w/b areators were great but my request for this service has grown. Thought about buying 2 27" w/b but cost was over 1/2 the price for Kubota.Renting was great for what I did first year but last year had to rent 2 and was still making good but more were asking for service. So if you don't have much response this year or enough funds just rent. Remember, Work SMARTER Not HARDER!!!!!!


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Line all your aeration jobs up for the same day. Just aerations, nothing else. Rent a machine for the day. Your first 1 or 2 lawns should pay for the rental. You can write the rental off on you taxes.


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Northern NJ
I agree. Line em up, rent, bang'em out. No wear and tear on your equipment and it will only cost you $60.<br>jeff


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Start out with rental machine if you don't want to make initial outlay until aeration service is established. Trouble with aeration with a w/b aerator all day is that it's hard work - you'll feel it for a few days. Later buy your own, so you can spread the work out. Also, rental machines are not always in top shape. If tines are worn down and not renewed, you are wasting time aerating.<p>----------<br>Jim<br>North central Indiana


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i have been renting aeraters for years. When i rent them i line up 2 fulls days of aerating. After those 2 days my arms are so sure i can hardly raise them. This year i got smart.... i bought a used walkbehind aerater for 650 bucks and now i can mix aerating in with other work so its not all that wear and tair on my body all at one. The 650 bucks i paid for the aearater i will make back using it in 4 hours and have it forever.

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I whould rent it for now. Once you build up your customer base then buy one. I have always rented them. I do all that work on Saturdays. People know ahead of time that work is done only on that day. We pass the rental cost down to the customer. Good Luck Travis AG&G Lawn Maintenance

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