aerator(sp) question...


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never really did this but what is involved, i would have to rent one since i do not have one. the customers property is a total of about 350 square feet not big at all. he just wants the front yard done. the grass is pretty thick because he seeded the crap out of it last year. would aerating it help and would i have to seed it afterwards. i suggested that i would fert. it a couple of times this year to help it out. the lawn is in good shape but i want to know if this would help. thanks

one more thing, he has a lot of moss in the back from a tree, he just cut it down in the fall. should i lime the **** out of it, he is getting sprinklers in about a month so i suggested i rototill the lawn and then seed it, that might be in the fall though (the seeding, depends on when the sprinklers get done)
whats my wifes picture doing under your name , on your posts.....

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