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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by DMAN, Jan 27, 2003.

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    I was wondering if it is ok to tow a 48"aerator behind my lazer z with 150-200 lbs. on top of it. My dealer says he has not seen any problems with other guys using it, but i had a premature pump failure happen already under warranty and I was wondering if this would cause failure to the pumps or wheel motors. The hydros seem to be working hard when i tried it one time. Should i keep the rpms up at all the time when towing?Is it too much weight for the mower to pull?? If it is ok what sort of preventive maintenance should i follow in addition to what the manual says. Thank you for your response.

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    there should be no problem at all! i dont know if exmark recommends it, but i pull a 900 lb roller with my 25 horse lazer.
  3. eXmark

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    The engineers list the towing capacity at 80 pounds of draw weight.


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    I too have the hitch kit for my 48" (19 Kaw) Lazer HP, and was always baffled by that warning. Forgive the ignorance, but what does that 80lb draw translate into in terms of actual wieght (if it can be determined)?


  5. eXmark

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    Draw weight is probably the only accurate way to gauge what can be towed but it's also the most difficult to determine. The correct way to determine draw weight would be to get a scale similar to a fish scale that went up to 80 lbs. (Personally I've never needed a fish scale that large so I don't have one either.) Hook it to the tongue of the attachment you want to pull and measure how much weight is required to cause it to move on a flat solid surface. If it's less than 80 lbs. your in good shape.

    The alternative is to simply grab the tongue of the attachment and give it a tug. If it feels like less than 80 lbs. your in good shape.

    Also as with any pull behind attachment, don't overload the tow vehicle with excessive tongue weight.

    Hope this helps.



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