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    We're going to purchase a new aerator this Spring. What comapny makes the best core aerator? Most of our accounts are 1/4 acre lots but we have some townhouses & 1/2 acre lots as well. What manufacturers/options should we be looking at? What size motor & width aerator do you recommend? Thanks in advance!
  2. JFGauvreau

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    If your not looking to do more than 1/2 an acre I would suggest the Ryan Lawnaire V. It's a simple wb aerator of about 25 inches width.

    If you have a bit more money to invest, then go for the lawn solutions one.
  3. aeration

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  4. DAR57

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    Plugr all the way. I do acre lots with my walk behind. Wont buy a larger aerator for big jobs until I can afford their "Tow Pro".
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    Lawn solutions is way better than any Ryan. I've owned the Ryan V and IV and the Lawn Solutions MUCH easier to lift the tines and it can go backwards while aerating-GIANT advantage.
  6. JFGauvreau

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    Is the lawns solution still removes plugs? like cores? or is it just a spiking aerator?
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    The LS does pull plugs but not a ton of them like the Plugrs do.Soil conditions seem to make a big difference with the LS 21" aerifier if it will pulls plugs or not.It pokes plenty of holes but you won't always see alot of plugs on top of the grass.Some custs care about seeing plugs some don't .The LS machine is very easy on the operator while aerating compared to most machines on the market .And aerating in reverse is a big plus as it saves you from lifting the tines out of the ground every time you go to back up.
  8. JFGauvreau

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    Ya no doubt that reversing would save you a lot of time, and it would be very efficient on small lawns with lots of obstacle. However, on bigger lawns, the Ryan machines are faster (if you can keep up with them lol) and they actually remove plugs which I find better then spiking a lawn.
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    Plugr OWNS all other walk behind units. I bought the PL855 over the weekend and I've hit a few lawns with it. I will post some pictures when I get time but it pulls a ton of plugs. It is a million times easier than my Classen was to use and I get a result that looks like I went over it 3 times. It takes a couple of lawns to get the hang of the controls but this machine has impressed me thus far.
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    There is NOT a single best aerator out there. It is very true that many of the older designed rolling tine units will cover more square footage faster. Ryan, Turfco, Bluebird, Husky and Classen in the bigger wider units.

    Just saw a LCO doing a home owners association grassy swell Sunday with a rental Classen. The unit was moving along at a faster pace than my Plugr 850 or my LS WB and it is wider.

    Yeah Plugrs pull more plugs in the 800 series but the non hydro 800 is less than fun any anything but flat properties and slow. The lack of hydro drive makes them a tug fest when not aerating. So if you're serious about the more plugs angle that leaves you with the Hydro Plugr 850 or 855 hydro or extra 1/2 plug per square foot with the Ryan 28 Reciprocating tricycle model in WB aerators. The perforator that attaches to Walker mower is the same pattern as the Plugr 800 series but I'm not sure if you can play the same tricks with that unit, as you can with the PL 850 or 855, so you maintain plug depth as the tines wear. The PL1600 has the same pattern but is a tow behind.

    Both the Plugr 850 and Lawn Solutions 21" WB are best on smaller properties. I've done large estate properties with both but it sure is a tremendous amount of walking. After doing one of these bigger properties I can actually see the tines wears in about 2.5 hours of use. The Lawn solution Stander has appeal for me but the $8500 price tag tells me I need to be doing more aeration than I am currently. I've already spent over $10k combined on all my aerators in the last 3 years. It just makes more sense for me to focus on properties that work well with my current combo.

    Just a warning on the greater wear and tear cost of operation with the Plugrs is you need to be playing the card that these are better aerations with higher plugs counts in a single pass...and be pulling in a bit more $ for the extra time spent walking and tine wear. The back part of the frame just busted on my original Plugr yesterday. It's going to the welding shop in the morning. The repairs will be cover by Plugr under warranty. Glad I have PL850 #2. Late generation 850 have upgraded frames. Call Plugr for the serial number cut off.
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