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    ok guys I know this subject has come up alot on here, also I did a search with no luck in one place. I just got 10 aerating accts on some of my full service customers, my question is I am looking to buy a used aerator. Which one, claussen, bluebird, ryan or snapper? Each lawn is approx.3000ft2. I can buy a used one ( any of the four brands ) for about 450.00 from a local rental yard about 4 years old. Is this a fair price and which would you choose and why? Thanks in advance for all the good info.

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    If you read my post correctly I said I couldnt find it in one place. There are a lot of posts on the subject but they all contadict each other. I was looking for one post with all the replys in one place on the subject.
  4. RYAN has been a good one for us tough well built machines.
    450 sounds like a good deal if it aint to beat up.
    A new ryan drum type costs 1700-1800 new.
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    Thanks Odin
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    Scottie, Chill out with the search interigations!!! If every was to do searches LS would come to an end!
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    "Pull over poster,you have been busted for not searching in a search zone"Officer Scottie Search Police.:D

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  8. Maybe it has to do with these numbers;

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    Dude for $450 for an aerator what are you doing here typing and not at the place handing over that $450 for the aerator?

    Think twice or blink and .............................................GONE!!!!

    Tell me where I will buy them all running or not for $450 each.

    Sell em back to you for $1500 each

    Any of the four brand why choose they all work...... right. Object put holes in the ground.

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