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  1. jslawnscape

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    Im sick of renting aertors and busting my ass to get jobs done before returning them on time and sometimes on time and washed. Im sure most of you have done this. Im looking to buy a used aerator some where in the 1000 dollar range. Im in Rochester NY. 99% of my lawns will be residential mostly flat lawns. In the past it generally takes me about one hour per lawn by the time i get it unstrapped unloaded and on the lawn and back on the trailer. From my renting expierence it doesnt really matter what brand walk behind aertor your using it is a work out on a hill. Im looking for advice on what brand to buy and maybe what to look for when purchasing a used aerator. OR EVEN BETTER A NICE USED ONE FOR SALE? Let me know looking to get one soon willing to drive for right equipment. THANKS
  2. echeandia

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    I have been thinking of buying an aerator for the last year but still don't have enough business to justify the purchase. I like the Plugr aerator. You might want to check it out.
  3. thu cutting edge

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    i dont know if your home depots have a rental center but here in maryland ours do. i have bought used ones from them for 700-900. and they have no hours on them at all. they are classen aerators and do very well for my guys.
  4. jslawnscape

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    yea they do have the rental at the local home depot I wasn't a huge fan of the classen aerator there. I'm not sure if there is an easier operating walk behind aerator?? I see a lot of local guys with walk behind aerators and I seem to be the only one w a classen. Most are lesco or ryan I believe. It seemed to be a pain to continuously lift the aerator 180 degrees at the end of a one pass to turn back around and start the next pass. Any input on that? I know you can flip that lever to raise the machine off the tines but that seemed to be too much work as well. So I would leave the tines down and basically lift the machine up pivot it around on the front and drop it back down and push back the other direction and so on and so on. Does any one have any experience with the ryan aerators?? with the "drum" in the front?
  5. LawnSolutionsCP

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    You might look at our walk-behind units. They handle like a mower instead of an aerator.

    Just do a search....there are a lot of guys using them on lawnsite.

  6. LawnSolutionsCP

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    Contact one of your larger independent rental stores. Spring is when they buy all their new equipment for the year...actually 90% of their equipment purchases are in the next 2 months.

    Show them our product and they will purchase at least one.

    The store manager is who you would need to talk to.

  7. jslawnscape

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    I have seen your products on here.... a few for sale months ago...I watched a video either through your web site or some where I don't recall. I would love to see one of your machines in person. Also would like some new machine prices and what to expect to pay for a used one. Are there any dealers in Rochester, NY or in the western NY region. Please let me know. You can message me here or call me direct on my cell 585-490-4900(preferably call me). Thank you for your help
  8. beano

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    There's a thread with one on here for sale right now. A ryan I think. I picked up a used ryan on here last year for 400$. Best money ever spent!
  9. SOONERS222

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    I bought a ryan lawnaire 4 on ebay for 1000. It was a yr old... I made my money back in three weeks and have had enough work to keep busy... Do it asap imo

    M&B LAWN CARE LawnSite Member
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    if you can get the split drive system its really nice and easier to control

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