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  1. Kirkbride Lawn Care

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    I have been using the Ryan Lawnaire IV and V and have been having decent luck with them. I am noticing that on slight inclines I am having trouble with them pulling a smaller hill. They have been pulling great plugs but didn't know if there was a smoother aerator that pulls the hills better and still gets good size plugs and is easy to handle. Also If anyone uses the ride on aerators or the pull behinds for larger areas?
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    The Pluggr (sp?) is a cam operated walk behind core aerator. I tried one out at the EXPO in Louisville. It's probably the Cadillac of walk behind aerators. When they tell you the price it'll probably bring a little tear to your eye. But that's what I'd want for a walk behind aerator. I think others are making a cam operated aerator now. They'll climb right up a hill.

    If you've never been to the EXPO you ought to go. You get to try out all kinds of stuff. I've been around 10 times.

    I never found a ride on aerator I'd buy. I use a 5' behind a tractor. I'm going to have to rent a WB aerator for the little areas because the tractor is tearing them up.
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    Go to and look at the XT5 TurnAer. It is great on hills easy to use and control even going sideways on the hill it stays flat and pulls plugs. You will love the instant fingertip REVERSE. Into a tight spot do not lift just back out and aerate while backing up. XT5 Turnaer Aerator
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    I am going to go to that expo in October I am excited to see all the equipment and try some of it out! I thought about the turfco, but knew it was a newer product and didn't know how well it would actually aerate.

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