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    Was wondering if you guys that have areavators would sugest the seed box that goes with them?I like the seed box alot but it is almost 3 grand and if you have an employee they get paid to watch you do almost everything.I am mainly wondering if the results are better with the seed box or not???:confused:
  2. KirbysLawn

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    I have not used the seedbox, can't justify the cost. We usually double team the lawn anyway so no big deal. If I had LARGE properties then it might be a different story.

    On second thought I aeravated and seeded 9 lawns today and got tired of walking behind that spreader, I really need to get my electric Lecso spreader attached to the Super
  3. battags

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    I feel your pain, man. I cut 8 and aerated/overseeded/fertilized 6 yesterday. My body was pretty ticked at me today.

    Tried a Lesco split-drive aerator with the 4hp honda. I wasn't impressed. I'm going to buy a JRCO spreader and maybe aerator for next year.

  4. KirbysLawn

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    No, you worked much harder than me. I aeravated...not aerated, BIG difference. Screw aerating, too much work.

    Here is a photo of the aeravator with the seedbox attached:

    ae 80 with seeder.jpg
  5. battags

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    Whoa! I was definately on the wrong train of thought there, wasn't I?

    O.K. Other than size of the machine, what is the difference between 'aeravating' and 'aerating'? Obviously since you have a seed box attached you are planting at the same time. I aerate and then overseed with a slit seeder. Any difference? Sorry to sound stupid with a question like this.

  6. sildoc

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    That must be tough to turn around on a residential lawn of 4000 sq ft. Ha Ha Ha. Heck You could do about 10 of my lawns at once with that machine.
  7. KirbysLawn

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    The Aera-Vator is powered by either a PTO or is self powered. The above photo was taken at a local trade show, it's not stated above I don't have a seed box.

    The aeravator has soild tines that vibrate into the ground, works on the hardest soils. I have my own system that has proven to work great for me, aeration does not come close to the job aeravation does.

    Here is a photo of mine with the Great Dane, I now pull it with a Super Z.

    aeravator setup.jpg

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