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  1. mjstef

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    1st off is anyone using one? I currently have a 30" Plugr self propelled and i am looking at a 40" Aeravator for my Grasshopper Diesel for customers who don't like the plug mess lying around the yard for months. This will also allow me the opportunity to aerate ball fields and such. The Aeravator will also allow me to aerate dry and rocky lawns where i can't take my Plugr. I have a 725D Grasshopper front mount and wondered if anyone is running the 40" on a similar machine? I know it will barely cover the wheel tracks but a 60" would almost be too wide in many residential scenarios. Any input??
  2. Jaybrown

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    How do you like the Plugr??
  3. mjstef

    mjstef LawnSite Member
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    Plugr is OK but get complaints about debris on the lawn and the 1st couple mows are DUSTY AS HELL!!!
  4. weeble67

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    I use a ride on Lawn Solutions aerator. I love it. I don't have any dusty mowing issues afterwards. Maybe I plug when it is moister than you do. I love the results from using it.
  5. mjstef

    mjstef LawnSite Member
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    We have 10-15% humidity here. The plugs take over a month to break down.....
  6. DalesLanscaping

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    I love mine as well. To comment on plugs taking a long to to disappear well I am not sure we have the same problem but it does a great job for us. No real problems with the use we give it either.
  7. jtw1987

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    I use a 60in aeravator with seed box behind my JD 4105. Works great in dry soil. Took me a while to find the right depth. In moist soil it will work against you as it does not "fracture" the soil and works more like a spike aerator. I usually make one pass before seeding, then broadcast seed at half the amount then fill the aeravator seed hopper with the second half of seed, then I make the second pass. That gets the best results for me. may work differently on your grasshopper
  8. Smallaxe

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    I believe that the aeravator is a superior technology in every way in comparison to a simple aerator... if the Rental Place had aerovators available, Iwould never aerate again... :)
  9. DFLS

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    I have a 60" aeravator behind a 15 hp Kubota tractor. Best results for seeding in the fall ever. Excellent for breaking up hard clay soil to add amendments and plant seed or even rocky hard pack soil. Spikes and shakes real good. Most lawns 1 pass is great. 2x and the grass starts to come out in little clumps.

    I haven't used my Ryan aerator since I picked up the aeravator.
  10. Exact Rototilling

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    Yes I absolutely hate to mow lawns that I have run my Plugr 850 over. Fact is they pull more plugs and the plugs are popped upwards and not just a passive push from rolling tines.

    I totally get the soil fracturing aspect of the aeravotor but all those PlugrĀ® plugs that take a long time to disappear have there purpose and it's thatch breakdown. Plus just one pass of the 800 series plugrs pull twice the number of plugs the Lawn Solutions 24" WB hydro. And 75% more than the current production Exmark/Toros 21" and Stand on.

    How much does an aerVator put dirt on top of thatch layer...?
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