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  1. What % of lawns are aerified in spring, and what % are done in the fall. Thanks for the input
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    Tim,for the most part,fall is when we do most of them,when things start to slow down.....we do sell a few in the spring....maybe 90% fall - 10%spring.
  3. greenman

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    I do mine around May when the turf is fully greened up. Warm season grasses here. I aerate then apply fert immediately after.
  4. KerryB

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    I only do aerations in the fall. I see some doing them in the spring and most are doing them too early. They dont wait until the grass is completely out of dormancy.
    I don't really have enough time to aerate in the spring nor is the market able to support it. It is hard enough to educate people on the need to do it in the fall.
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    I'll do it in the spring, on an as needed basis. If the property needs limimg or fert, for prep for a good fall program , then I'd rather open it up to incorporate the top dressings. Spring aerating will help weed seed germinate though, but if the lawn is really compacted, the benefits should outway the bad.

    And yes the grass needs to be growing...
    This is cool season grasses in zone 7, here.
  6. Sorry, not enough info. I was referring to cool season turf.I know majority was in fall, but saw some companies doing in spring. Was just curious % done in spring. Thanks

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