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    We are looking at a Billy Goat 5.5 HP (Honda) aerifier for use in our business, with a 2" depth core. Is anyone familiar with this unit? They have swivel wheels on the back so you don't have to lift it like you do the Ryan and the machine looks good. Also, what is a fair price for core aerifying these days? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance

  2. Gavely had/has one like that, but you use the wheels to turn it after you raised the tines via a liniar actuator.

    I have seend the billy goat but I didn't look real good at it.

    I would suggest the Classen spit drive WB over this one.

    Captdevo can get ya one

    Prices $8 per 1000 sq ft and up is good.
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    We got a TA-25D last year and love it....around 3 K

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    I used a Billy Goat 5.5 HP this past weekend. Pretty good machine. The swivel wheels made it easy to handel. A few negitives are the footprint on the machine is large so it is hard to get in tight spaces. They also need to put knobby tires on the front . I have a slope in my lawn and when I was doing my second pass and running over the plugs from the first pass the slick tires they have on the front of the machine made it hard for me to get grip on the turn around. We also had problems with the belt slipping off.
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    So.....would you say that Billy goat is a good machine?

    Here, I'll answer that for you.


    Unless you gotta feed it every morning from a pail...........................Done never met a B/G worth its salt.

    A good Lesco should do it.........................and they're easy to fix...(especially when you have your mechanic do it)....................cause me..........sheez, I just beat em.

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