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Affordable Backflow Testing

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ez2backflow, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. ez2backflow

    ez2backflow LawnSite Member
    Messages: 12

    Hiya Guys,
    let me introduce myself. My name is Leo. I am a Licensed Illinois journeyman Plumber and certified in backflow testing and repair. I am very pasionate about backflow devices and the important job they do. I have been working with backflow devices FULL TIME for the last fifteen years, and have tested literally tens of thousands of backflow devices of all sizes and styles!
    I am trying to get my own Backflow Testing Company off the ground and was just wondering your view on this!

    Of course you guys realize an Irrigation system, a typical automatic lawn sprinkler, is the most hazardous connection to a residential water supply?
    How many of you guys are familiar with the backflows? Do any of you test them? Do you guys hire Plumbers? In illinois here an Irrigation company is not ALLOWED to install devices. They are suppose to have a plumber on staff to test and install the valve.

    I am going to try and specialize in Residential Backflow customers. There are SO many untested devices out there. The municipalitys don't enforce testing the way they should, so many devices go untested even though it's a matter of not only state laws but FEDERAL Laws as well!

    I am not worried about the law as much as I am worried about the flood hazard. You guys realize the only thing that holds back city pressure is a thin rubber diaphram. If these devices sit for year after year . . . well you know how rubber deteriates. If the diaphram deterioates to the point of rupture.Even the smallest device can discharge dozens of gallons of water every minute!

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