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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by flyboy03, May 27, 2004.

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  2. Richard Martin

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    Yes, it is basically just a grinding wheel being turned by an electric motor but...

    Let's compare the "tool" from Lowes to my dedicated blade grinder from Wall Enterprises.

    The table and motor on the Lowes grinder is fixed. That means if you want to grind at an angle other than the one the factory sets for you you have to hold the blade at an angle to the table. It's hard to get consistent angles like this.

    The motor on my Wall grinder moves up and down. Since the wheel is attached to the motor that means I can set the angle anywhere I want it and it stays there. This also means that as the wheel wears down I can keep the same angle right until I am ready to replace the wheel.

    The grinder from Lowes is most likely made of plastic. This offers several disadvantages. Plastic grinders are lightweight and tend not to stay where they're put. They must be bolted down. Don't drop anything heavy on the grinder either, it will break the plastic. And if you should accidentally lay anything hot like a just sharpened blade on it it's going to melt.

    There isn't a plastic part on my Wall grinder. It is heavy and stays put. It is built to last a lifetime.

    The motor comparison. The Lowes motor is rated at .7 (that's point 7) amps at 170 rpm. While this may be good for an old retired guy who has nothing to do all day but sharpen a pair of scissors it is unacceptable if you have a pile of Gator Magnums that need to be sharpened every day.

    My Wall grinder's motor is 7 amps at 1725 rpm. While there are grinders motors out there with more power this motor has sufficient power to sharpen blades relatively quickly. It has enough power to where it can blue a blade in about 1 second if you stay in one spot of the blade. I have also never been able to stop the grinding wheel from turning.

    In summary, buy the right tool for the job and you always get what you pay for.
  3. creativedan

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    also that grinder from lowes is for sissors and knifes small things i have a crapsman similar to that one
  4. Big M LawnnSnow

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    My friend has one of those lowes sharpeners.
    It's made of plastic and is a total piece of junk.
    The first time he used it the forward burnt out.
    Don't even bother getting it.
  5. J.Gordon

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    Flyboy03: This doesn’t only apply to blade sharpeners it applies to everything you work with! There is a big difference between homeowner/light duty, commercial duty and industrial duty. The grinder Lowe’s has might last someone a lifetime if they only use once or twice a month for sharpening scissors or small lightweight material, but when you try to do some heavy grinding it will live a short life. You can buy electric motor pretty cheap that’s for sure but an industrial motor is worth the extra money. Industrial motors are rated for continuous duty (you can run the motor 24hours a day). It would be the same as buying a 21’’ Murray with a 3.5 horse Briggs to mow a 20-acre field every week. It wouldn’t be very efficient and would not last very long. In the end it would cost you more buying the least expensive than the machine that is built for that reason.

  6. dwost

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    I have one of these and they are not really up to the task. As mentioned above, they are fine for scissors, knives, etc... but for blades it doesn't work all that well. I've modified it a bit to work with blades but it takes some time to do and you need to have a stady hand. It is fine for a homeowner who uses it once in a great while, however, I'm actually considering getting a dedicated blade grinder. I'm a homeowner as well, so that should answer your question. Get a pro model!!!!
  7. pryker

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    I am looking for an affordable solution as well. Under $200. Doesn't someone make a jig to use to hold a blade at the right angle to grind for a normal bench grinder? That would be cheaper. ??
  8. gl1200a

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    Flyboy, I have one of these sharpeners, but a Craftsman. it does great on knives and such but is far too slow to do mower blades. Unless you have a couple hours to burn.

    I also tried the attachment someone mentioned for a Dremel. The problem is that it's opening is too narrow for the thickness of most mower blades, but did nice touch up with the stone alone.

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