affordable consultants, would you consider

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by The Ranger, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. The Ranger

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    affordable 300-500/day + expenses (flight, room, no meals)
    If he/she brought in a few good ideas it could save you thousands over time.
    give me your take on it...why or why not
    what do you consider the pros and cons?
    one of the biggest problems in the green industry is the lack of owner business training.
    Would you consider using one?
  2. garydale

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    What do you need them for? You got us.

    Contact "SCORE" retired seniors or get a mentor.

    Consultants,like experts are afraid to admit they don't know something because then they wouldn't be experts anymore.
  3. Az Gardener

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    I humbly disagree I have used the score fellas and consultants and coaches.

    the score fellas while great guys are from another era while they are good a t business basics and accounting stuff the market is different today.

    Consultants always need to come back and it just gets expensive. They will point out your problems but you probably already know what they are. If you are not prepared to act it is just $$ down the drain. If you use one be sure they are from the green industry or at least the construction industry.

    I prefer a coach that you work with week to week I used an E-myth coach for two years about 500 per month but I had weekly phone meetings and he was always available to answer questions and their was a process start to finish to build the company just like a home foundation first then up from there. Dose'nt do you any good to do tons of sales if you don't have a plan to produce the work.
  4. sclawndr

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    The biggest problem any business owner faces is that they're not an expert in every field. We all have our strengths - the trick is to find help for the weak areas. For example, if you're good at doing the work but you lack sales ability, you're going to struggle trying to grow the business. Or if you're not much of a finance person, you may not be able to price your services adequately. First, figure out where you want to be. Then figure out where you need help and then look for someone who can address those specific areas. If your concerned about sales, maybe you should hire a dedicated sales person so you can concentrate on everything else. Or if your concerns are financial, then perhaps you only need an accountant to take you through cost/price calculations.

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