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affordable ztr


LawnSite Member
Northern IL
Toro, Exmark or Hustler.

Find the nearest dealer for any reputable brand and go make friends with them. Having somebody close by that will work with you when the machines have issues down the road is really handy.


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Upstate NY
If your looking for such a small ZTR, what kind of lawns do you currently have? How many accounts? Is this a full time legit business or just a part time gig? If your making a run at a full time business with multiple customer accounts I would recommend getting a larger zt and go with commercial grade....

If this is part time beer money stuff then look at a resi Snapper zt, they are much cheaper then commercial units and are way better then any home depot models etc...


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White Plains, MD
I would look at a stander in that small a size. A ztr to me doesn't make much sense that small. Besides, even though I don't find them super useful, used 36" walk behinds are plentiful.