After 11 yrs I got hit

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by kemco, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. kemco

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    I count my blessings when I can but at 230pm today some a hole grabbed 2 of my fairly new redmax 8500, sn 100432 and sn 400750. The one lawn that we can't park in front of due to street regs we have to park around the corner street but still within eyesight.
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  2. sjessen

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    Sorry to hear of this. Sad thing is they pawn them for next to nothing.
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  3. OP

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    I did file a police report and gave them the serial numbers which they told me they do input into the system that pawn shops use but we all know that can be circumvented. I'm literally 60 ft away when they were taken I was in the front on the stander the entire time. That's brazen.
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  5. Homer1

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    Everyone around here keeps everything locked to the trailer. It's sad that you have to, but it could save you the disappointment. Lots of meth heads running the streets now a days. They will take damn near anything.
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  6. Mr Efficiency

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    That is unfortunate, had a blower stolen a few years ago also and it was a pretty new one, that sucked.
    I have had some snoopers Checking out things over the years but once they saw me they took off quickly. I try to keep things locked up most times but it is not always that easy when busy working and locking and un locking is time consuming with keys at each stop.
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  7. North Idaho Dream

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    Sorry to hear this! Some people are ridiculous and do not understand what it takes to WORK for things.
  8. Charles

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    I see LCOs leaving equipment on trailers and in the back of pick ups a lot here. No locks on them. Locking stuff up all the time is just something you HAVE to do. Yea takes a extra few minutes of your time. Better than becoming a victim. You increase your chances of becoming a victim of theft 100 fold by becoming easy pickings for these morons. This is a full time job for them--stealing. We need to put them out of work. We are not safe at home or at work. Everything needs to be locked up when not in use at home and at work. Out of site and locked up is better. You know the feeling and I know it and it does suck. I have always kept my stuff locked up on the job but got careless ONE daytime" at home and got burned. Note I did say "daytime". Some of these thieves are pros and run in groups.
  9. TrainingWheels

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    Sorry to hear that...Those things are the small cuts that kill you. We lock our things up.... yadda, yadda but handhelds are tough. Good thing is no one was hurt during a confrontation.

    Not to salt wounds but we had been thinking of putting tiles on our backpack blowers under the shroud each spring (they are right at our deductible). They may not work right away: but they'll get spotted at any pawn shop or when the new owner starts using them around town.

    Hopefully you are able to find them.


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    What is a tiles ?

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