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After 3 Redmax 8000's I bought a Stihl 600.


LawnSite Senior Member
I was really hoping the Stihl would be comparable. After running it for 2 hours I returned it and bought another Redmax 8000. It's no where near as powerful . First my guys said send it back then I tried for myself .I even think the 7001 is more powerful. All the good posts I figured I'd give it a shot. I'm lucky my dealer let me exchange it.


LawnSite Senior Member
Cincinnati, Ohio
I find this hard to believe. My guys always go for the Stihl 600s first (instead of Redmax 8000s). They are very close in power. Maybe something was wrong with yours.


LawnSite Senior Member
Mid West
The Red Max is much more powerful...not even close.

We tried a BR-600 becuase of the lighter weight but went back to the Red Max due to the overwhelming power difference.

You have to run them side by side in heavy wet leaves to REALLY notice the difference!


LawnSite Fanatic
Clinton, NJ
Interesting. My dealer sells both and suggested I stay with Redmax when I was considering another BP. We have 4 8000's as well.


LawnSite Gold Member
Nashua, NH
After having my redmax now (even though its not an 8000) im staying with redmax. I have no regrets of not going with stihl.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Destin Florida
Tested the 600 the other day. Felt good and the vibration was just about nill. Price was not bad at 469 either. But compared to my 651 think I will wait till Stihl puts something on the market with a little more umph.


LawnSite Fanatic
I don't think the br600s are as powerful as the 8000s and I own 3 600s, BUT I am betting that the 600s will outlast the 8000s.


LawnSite Silver Member
I picked up an Echo 751 this year for $450. Not sure how it compares to the Redmax 8000, but it has more power than 7001