After all the hype, I bought one today...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 65hoss, Nov 8, 2001.

  1. 65hoss

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    I've been waiting until leaf season to buy another backpack blower. The time had arrived and I've been researching them for about a week. My Stihl's have always done the job, but this time I kept an open mind. All the writeups about Shindawa, Redmax, Echo 650, Kawasaki, etc, I decided to go try all of them today. My main dealer carries Stihl, Shin, Redmax and Echo. Lesco carries Kawasaki. The new Kawasaki --700 is a pretty bad dude. Pretty nice piece. Left there and went to check out the others. The only Shindawa was a step down from the best avaliable, so it was good, but who knows about the next one up. It was kinda uncomfortable to me.

    Next was the big bad Echo 650. This thing is big and bulky. Tried it on, and man was the thing very very uncomfortable. The throttle control and the tube were very stiff. The padding on your back was terrible. I knew right away it would have to perform awesome for me to want it since it was already on my bad list. And talk about heavy. Anyway it performed pretty good. Better than the Shindawa I tried.

    Next the Redmax. Surprisingly comfortable. Tube and throttle very smooth. The same weight as the echo, but because of better padding it was less noticable. Talk about power! This thing did much more trash moving than the other 2. I immediately fell in love and bought it. The price was really right.

    Shindawa ? $439
    Echo 650 $499
    Redmax eb7000 $445

    I used it on my leaves this afternoon, and was I impressed. Does better at 1/2 throttle than the Shihl BR400 does at full power.

    The helper will only be allowed the Stihl. I plan to keep the Redmax to myself.:D
  2. JJ Lawn

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    I got a new one today also, but I stuck with the Maruyama brand. I have had good luck with them in the past. But we don't really have a lot of choice around here. John Deere, Sthil, and whatever brand they sell at Lowes.

    This model BL6500HA weighs in at an even 20 lbs and has a 59.2cc Kawasaki engine. 521cfm, at 223mph. Supposed to be able to move a brick accross the yard. :)

    Will find out tomorrow, I just got it on the way home tonight.

  3. GLS

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    I was just at the Maruyama site, and after looking at the BL5400, I thought it looked a lot like the poulan pro I saw at Lowes. The throttle control looks exactly the same.
  4. Turf King

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    I have an echo backpack and I agree they are verey heavy.We do not have anyone around here who deals with redmax, I wish we did Ive heard alot of good things about them.
  5. EJK2352

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    Congrats hoss,
    I too have a Redmax EB7000. I love that baby!! I've had it for almost a year now and zero problems. Hope you have the same luck with yours.:) ;) :) ED
  6. hustlers

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    bought the big shindaiwa $500

    it works great but is heavy and uncomfortable
    and burns twice the gas of
    my stihl br400- 2gallons=1.5 hrs
  7. Lawn-Scapes

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    I tried the 7000 a couple of months ago and liked it. Maybe next year.. My EB431 still works great.
  8. Hoss I hope your girlfriend doesn't get jealous. She now has to share you with the Red Max. And I always get to break in the new piece of equipment.
  9. HOMER

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    I was quoted $529.00 for the Shindawa today................what's up with the priceing? were quoted the EB500 weren't you?

    After demoing the 630 last year I know that's the one I'll get when my Brrrrrrrrrrrr 40000000000000000000 finally blows up.

    The Echo (AKA Big Heavy) doesn't see a whole lot of use anymore, I use it to add weight to the back of the trailer.:cry:
  10. KirbysLawn

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    I'm sure you'll love it. I had a 50lb bag of fertilzer laying on my tailgate today, the EB600 blew the bag across the gate.

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