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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bigorange03, Jun 3, 2010.

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    Does anybody have any suggestions on after market sulkys for 36" walk behinds?i saw that the pro slide was not reccomended for mowers under 48" Also does this sound like a good deal,a guy hear has a 03 bunton walk behind 36" with a kohler (cant remember what hp it is)has less than 350 hrs on the engine.In good condition.He is asking $1000 for it.I think this might be a good deal since i am just starting out and i now finally have enough small yards to justify buying a walk behind.Also how good are the bunton walk behinds?I have never ran one and was wondering how easy it was to operate.I am going to see the mower tomorrow.Any advice and input would be greatly appreciated.

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    The Pro-slide or Go-Slide is okay for your size of mower. You might need to get a weight on the front for going up hill. I used a go-slide on a 32" Encore belt drive and it worked good except on slopes because I didn't use a weight. It helped stripe really well too. Right now I have a scag 36" with a 1-wheel velky that works pretty well too. This version is easier on the mower but doesn't help with stripes.

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