after Trimec Southern, this is what is left

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by realdeal, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. realdeal

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    Can you identify this for me. I do have some crabgrass or either goosegrass in my ditch but the rest of the yard looks awesome with the exception for this area that is probaby 15 ft by 15 ft. Also what can i use to get rid of it. I just purchased the house a few months ago so im hoping that after the pre emergent is put out properly later on in the year and first of next year, I will be in good shape. In the mean time, what do you suggest. This is in a bermuda lawn.


  2. turfmd101

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    I believe you have large smooth crabgrass.
  3. Falcon50EX

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    Second that
  4. realdeal

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    I LookeD On Walter Reeves Uga site And Dove Grass Kinda Looks Similar Also.
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  5. easy-lift guy

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    Looks like Southern Crab Grass. Round-up and COMPLETLY remove all dead material. Plug and cross your fingers you maintain some semblance of control for the future.
    easy-lift guy
  6. rbljack

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    ive been reel mowing my yard this year, and have noticed that same weed growing in my yard now. I did not put any Pre emergent out this year because I wanted to aerate and overseed this year. If I get the aeration done in the fall, and put down some Pre emergent in the fall and again the earlyspring, will that cut down on next years weed density? I live in west texas I assume late February or early march would be the time for the Spring Pre Emergent treatment.
  7. twomancrew

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    Here is the easy way. Wait until fall and it dies. Im in Iowa so it dies here anyway. It's crabgrass, and it will turn purple around the time you are doing your fall aerate and seeding. Seed the crap out of the lawn and cover with straw and have a better 2014 with PE. Some of the better spray techs can tell you how to get going faster, but it's $$ and a real tough job this late in the year. Spend the time with the fam and put this off until fall. It's nature and sometimes it will win.
    I hate crabgrass, but my lawn is now thick KBG and a touch of Rye and there is no room for anything else. I barely spot sprayed with some old 2,4-d this year and it's nice. 4 years ago it was a disaster when we bought this place.
  8. gregory

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    looks like cg like others have said.. might be alittle early for doveweed.. also dove weed gets a flower on it if you let it grow and dont mow it..also dove weed doesnt spread out like cg does it stays in clumps...

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