Aftermarket Bobcat bucket

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Duramax8832, Jul 31, 2008.

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    Cat doesn't build a mini bucket a whole lot better. You should see the 24" bucket on my dad's 303. The machine has 700 hours on her, probably 85% of those hours are with that bucket. If it makes it another 300 hours, I'll be surprised. Junk buckets. We got a survey in the mail from Cat about 3 months after he bought the 303, I decided to make it clear to them that their mini buckets are garbage. This was after both bucket sidewalls on the 24"created a nice outward bow in them. Junk. He's about due for a new thumb too, this one hasn't lasted too long. It's getting so worn down already that it barely catches the lower cutting edge. I think he's going to go for an HPF link thumb and coupler, we'll see what happens.

    Nationally, Werk Brau is a good company to buy through. Locally, here in WA, HPF is the only choice for mini buckets, thumbs, and couplers. PSM builds okay stuff for minis, they really shine with 120 and larger stuff. Accurate out of BC makes some decent mini buckets as well. And I saw a sweet Kubota a couple months back with a CWS setup, that looked pretty nice as well.
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    Thats simple Grasshopper, BC and CATs machines don't last long enough to wear out a bucket like the CASE picture. That machine had like 8000 ours and the meter was broke so who knows. I am still amazed that they sold the machine with that bucket. It would have been much better to sell it without a bucket.
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    haha of course you would come up with some excuse why it would be that beaten!! hahahaha

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