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Aftermarket Decks???


LawnSite Senior Member
Anyone know of any companies were you can purchase aftermarket decks? I have searched around the net without any luck. And if not do you think this would be something that you would be interested in?

I'm looking at both of my old mowers and the only thing wrong with them is the decks are getting old and beat to hell.

Then I got to thinking that it would be pretty easy to just make my own deck.


LawnSite Silver Member
That would be awsome, I would retrofit my two old Lazers with Ultra cut "Equivilents"


LawnSite Senior Member
That's what I'm figuring. I think people would like it.

I'm also thinking there might be something to making more specialized decks. Such as designing a deck just for leaf jobs. I don't know if it would work but it seems to me that for leaves you could have a deck that runs say instead of 3 blades it runs 6 smaller blades and and at twice the RPM's and grind everything up into dust. Less volume means less trips to the dump, less unloading the bagger and so on. Just some things to experiment with.

Or even create a vacum deck that in conjuntion with your bagger you could do parking lot clean ups.
Find a good welder in your area - that's what I did.
Factory replacement deck was over $1,200.00 and the welder rebuilt my three existing decks, utilizing 1/4" and 1/2" steel for about $250 each.
The rebuilt decks cut better, were stronger, and these three machines which were rebuilt over five years ago are still in use by other start ups today.
All I did was provide the old decks, striped them of their spindles, the welder rebuilt them, I reassembled them after they were painted. Cost me maybe two hours of disassembly, painting and reassembly time total for all three decks.