Aftermarket Hydraulic Oil Filters


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Hello everyone,
I just got back from my local exMark dealer for my ExMark Turf Tracer 60". The parts department tried to sell me an ExMark hydraulic oil filter for $40. Currently it has a napa gold 1374 on it. Can I get another napa/this an ok option, or are there better brands or is best to get genuine?

The parts guy also said there were two filters available and it was really important to get him my model number. Problem is, there is no model number anywhere on this machine. I looked everywhere it just have been rubbed off at some point. He wouldn't listen/help. Not sure if you guys have any suggestions/ideas.

I would appreciate any help you could provide. Thanks


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Snohomish, WA
Napa filters are typically made by Wix, they will be just fine for your hydraulic system. They will be more available and cheaper than ExMark brand which are made by?!? Who knows, perhaps even Wix.

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