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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by topsites, May 20, 2006.

  1. topsites

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    I recently ran into this idea dealing with the low-hanging branch-in-your-face, thou I always carry lopers in the truck for just this situation, I later got to where I got tired of always having to run back and forth to the truck. So then my mind is balancing between tolerance and frustration right when the branch rips the muffs off my ears!

    Hence this new idea sprang forth of attaching a permanent set of shears to the Wb. I went to home depot and bought fiskar shears ($13-odd + tax) and a leather sheaf ($9.95 + tax) to drop it into, the cable ties I already had.

    So then I attached the sheaf to the Wb with two cable ties, and drop the shears in there handle FIRST - The problem is if you put the sharp end down, the shears can fall out when you hit a bump, obviously with the sharp end sticking out, one has to be careful when reaching for the shears.

    - Handy-dandy John Wayne-like tool to deal with low-hanging branches on the spot, snip and clip and dispose of the branch right when it gets in your face for the last time this year LOL!
    - Great time-saver, always have the shears handy when the Wb is around.

    - Not as powerful as the lopers, sometimes takes both hands and can not snip the bigger branches, but for most everything else...
    - Cost with the sheaf is $25 so I have two Wb's so this sets me back 50 bucks. One set of lopers in comparison is only 20-25 dollars.

    Either way I thought I'd pass this idea along, I find it a great time-saver and was wondering if anyone else has accessorized their equipment and if so, mind sharing.

    Here's a pic of the old machine with the tool attached:
  2. grass-scapes

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    let me know if those stitches are painful. It inevitably will happen when you reach for them one day and they have come open. Good idea, though, just needs a little work.
  3. Del9175

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    Don't lock the clippers "shut" when you put them in the sheath. Put them in blade first and they will stay in on their own. BTW, you do know that sheath will clip onto your belt right? I too would be curious as to others ideas like yours here.
  4. topsites

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    Hey I will try that, thanks!

    Yes, I do know about the belt clip which is neat but I want it with me when I have branch-in-face. Ok some people are very organized but I would walk in my house with that thing clipped to my belt and then take it off and next day go to work without it, lol.

    I wish they made Wb's with some kind of a pouch like underneath the dashboard or something, maybe they sell some kind of aftermarket thing? I saw something a while back but it was way big, I want something compact almost like the tube the manual goes in but a little better durability / quality.
  5. PaulJ

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    carry a little folding saw with it for the bigger ones and your set
  6. topsites

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    I was thinking about that but the trick with the shears down but left open really works good and it is so nice when I'm cutting grass, the shears always handy.

    I thought I'd share another trick which this pic is in another thread, but anyway I always thought Stihl handles on trimmers are the pits, so all my Stihl trimmers get an Echo D-handle installed (ok I bought a D-handle and put it on myself):

    Some may think it looks funny, but let me tell you the D-handle'd stihl rocks.
  7. Thistle

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    I use one of those debris bags like W.E. Chapps sells. It has an extra pocket on top that I keep my shears in. I also attached a bicycle drink holder that I carry a squeeze bottle of broadleaf herbicide in to spot spray here and there. It comes in handy on really fine lawns. Permagreen sells the squeeze bottles with a spray nozzle.

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