Afternarket spindles for wright sentar RH 36"

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by ed2hess, Jul 14, 2013.

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    Just a thought Ed, I understand about keeping cost down, useing what you have.....While doing my research I came across these old Bobcat spindles.

    Lower profile and a shorter spindle shaft, by about an inch, no cutting and no shimming.....for when you run out of those old Scag spindles.....
  2. herler

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    I'm also curious why the average Lco jumps on the spindle replacement bandwagon, it may seem like the matter of fact solution but only once in 12 years have I replaced a whole spindle... I usually rebuild them with new bearings, seals, bolts, whatever it needs usually comes out to under $60 for an entire kit and with a little bit of luck I've gotten away for as little as $20.

    On a newer machine it makes no sense, but as machines get to where parts have been discontinued ...

    Complete spindle replacement isn't always as cut and dry as it might look, it has been my experience, even though I see the logic when it comes down to parts that are no longer being made, that it can be as much if not more work to replace a spindle whole due to all the modifications, and that is why some say it might be cheaper and easier to just replace the bearings...

    The trick in a lot of cases is to clean up an old bearing after it has been removed from the spindle, and in my case with the aid of good light and a magnifying glass, to get the numbers and preferrably the manufacturer off the bearing race or cover. Once you have those numbers, ordering a new one is a whole lot easier, remember you will need a high speed bearing such as one made to racing specifications.
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  3. ed2hess

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    Sadly on the sentar the bearing doesn't wear at all it is the shaft and that cost $98. If I had the time I would make a jig to hold that darn shaft in place and square and have it welded to inter race of bearing.

    These sentar have good bearings but the shaft doesn't have sufficient interference to keep it from slipping relative to the race. A little engr tolerance problem I guess. We tried pulling the inside cover off the bearing and adding a grease zert and that increased life from 600 hours to around a 1000 hours.

    I have never replaced a spindle that had grease zert in 37 years....scag
    and snappers.
  4. pugs

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    Rebuilding Wright spindles is not easy. Honestly I have stopped trying as have most of the other people I know working on them.

    Alot of times when you press them apart the bearings will not come off the shaft nicely and ends up smearing the shaft. So now you need the 2 bearings along with a new shaft. Combine that with labor and its better for me to sell you a whole spindle than to repair yours...
  5. kawakx125

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    can you even buy the parts to rebuild a newer wright spindle?
  6. ed2hess

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    There are only 3 parts......two bearings and you can buy them anywhere, and the main spindle that you can only buy from Wright and cost $98. And the main spindle shaft wears so no use putting in new bearings.
  7. pugs

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    No, the newer ones are only available as a complete spindle.
  8. ed2hess

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    They(Wrght) say they have fixed the problem.....problem being short life of 600hrs. Have any idea if that is the case?
  9. pugs

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    It seems like it. I replaced one under warranty this year on a machine with like 30-50 hours on it. Other than that all the ones I have sold are replacing old style spindles. And the new machines we sell have had the new spindles for a couple years now...maybe 3?... And that one this year is the only one I can remember replacing of the new style.
  10. ed2hess

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    Any way to tell new vs old ones?

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