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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by RAlmaroad, Apr 8, 2013.

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    Good Morning: Saturday I was doing some 3-way on fences, mailbox, etc. Just general clean-up of broad leaves on my mother-in-laws lawn in Tennessee. Her neighbor asked me to come over and check his lawn. Did so. His lawn was beautiful regular Tall fescue. I really think he just wanted to show me his new Exmark mower. Anyway I ask him what fertilize did he have. Just ole 6-12-12 was his remark. Great looking I replied and checked his fence which I sprayed at no cost.
    Other than prill size and analysis, do anyone use ag fertilize on your lawns. The results on his lawn were great. I know that the stored nitrogen from a horrible winter had a lot to influence the color. Seems like that if his results were that good just using a $12/bag product and us using $30/bag stuff on FESCUE is overkill or wasted. I know soil, weather, timing and all of the other factors has influence also, but still sometimes $12vs30 is unexplainable.
    I'd like to know any other results as many years ago(50's- 80's)) there were NO OTHER PRODUCTS except agriculture products on home lawns.
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    6-12-12 is pretty light on N and probably wasteful on the P and K... $30 for 15-30-30 would give you the same cost per pound,,, but that really seems extreme for lawns...
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    It's people like your MIL's neighbor who are causing states to enact strict fertilizing laws. Michigan, along with many other states, have banned phosphorus because of people like him. Tell him to knock it off.:nono:

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