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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by muddstopper, Aug 1, 2006.

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    Every year about this time i get to thinking about getting in the mowing business. i have posted on this subject a couple of times in the last year or two. Anyways. I keep seeing all this equipment for sale in the forsale area and keep telling myself, now heres a way to get everything at once. ( as you can tell, I have been trying to talk myself into this business venture) Now I realize its a little late in the season to start a mowing business, but maybe not to early to start looking for equipment for next season. I ran across a demo Toro ztr with 50 hr on it. Its has the Kubota diesel engine and 61inch turboforce deck. It would come with full warranty, same as a new. Since it is a demo, I can get it for $9700, his advertised price is $11,900.
    Now my question, Others here should know if the prices are pretty good and I need a ballpark figure as to what to expect to pay if I just bought the machine straight out, new, not a demo, if I was to walk into any dealer.

    Just so you will know a little about why I am considering adding mowing to my other services.

    I dont intend to be the one running the mowers, I already have employees to do that. I am mostly looking for a way to keep those employees busy. They keep working theirselfs out of a job and we have doubled in volume again this year. I figure they could mow one or two days a week and take care of my other business the rest of the time. And mowing would be a natural fit with my existing business. I also dont intend to take on every mowing account I can get. I would be concentrating on high end only, simply because i dont need the mowing to keep my other business going or to pay the bills. Hence the wide, big engine, mower. Two or three bigger properties a day is all I need. I know this doesnt make sense to some of you, but everybody walks to a different drummer.

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