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  1. kountryscape

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    Hey guys i saw a picture of this in a local paper. agco is out with a new compact tractor. looks great i've been looking all over the net to find more info . best site for pics and stats is . the color is orange looks like a kubota, this one looks like it could be a winner. price 12,500 to 22,000 not bad. agco is the biggest ag equipment compny is the world of ag.

    anyone seen one of these st series tractors?
    what do you think of it?

    get back to me i might go to the dealer today to check this thing out!!!!

  2. kountryscape

    kountryscape LawnSite Member
    from iowa
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    Ok talked with the agco dealer on the phone. iseke of japan make the tractor and they used to make white compact tractors. the loaders and backhoes are made by sioux from sioux city,iowa. they come in three trans. types. hydro, schuttle ,and good old stick shift. all are 4x4 no 2wd. the tractor might be japanese made but so is kubota. he said parts are in great supply with overnight form agcos warehouse . they have two on the lot might have to road trip and check them out.
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    Iseki has been making compacts for awhile. The new agco's sure look like orange Massey Fergusens, which Iseki also makes, at least the motors that is. Kind of like the new Case compacts are just red New Holland Boomers.

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