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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by jbturf, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. jbturf

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  2. RigglePLC

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    Sure. Why not? I am not sure exactly how you intend to use it and hook it up. Can you explain?
    What is the power source?
  3. gregory

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    i changed out my 4gpm pump on my jr to a 5gpm pump now i am going to add the 4gpm pump back to the jr just for this reason.. going to add another toggle switch to just run this pump...
  4. Cadzilla

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    Power switch ground, no big deal. I know a lot of guys are trying to run product through these machines that they are not really designed for and I give you all credit for trying to add more agitation but in reality the product(s) you're trying to run need mechanical agitation and more carrier.

    Some formulations are problematic. Running them LV? Fagetaboutit.
  5. jbturf

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    yup, itll run off the 12 volt system, and ill put a toggle or rocker switch on dash to actuate --- the machine currently has no bypass agitation, so i plan to tap into the suction line b4 the main 12 volt pump and run thru new agitation pump and T back to new bulk head fittings/return lines on each tank ---ill likely need to put a strainer in also

    will i need a check valve?
  6. Cadzilla

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    I don't see why you would need a check valve or a new strainer. If you're trying to do spray I think you're trying to spray I'd yank the filter thats there now and put in the biggest nozzles I could get.

    I also wouldn't pull from the main line. You're going to have pressure issues on the spray side (I would imagine).

    Let me ask you a question. What products are you trying to spray?
  7. jbturf

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    im not spraying ferts or wp, just liquid herbi and insect-- the oem strainer is attached to the oem spray pump, so unless the solution is going thru the main oem pump, it would not be strained b4 going thru my agitate pump--- i was considering the check valve for the connection where i T into the main suction line, though not sure i need to using diaphram pumps--

    are you suggesting the draw on the main suction line will b to great with both pumps operating?
  8. Cadzilla

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    Yes. Thats what I'm thinking. If you're just running liquid weed control and some insect control forget about it. Truth is jet agitation is a myth in my opinion and I don't think you should have an issue. I get very little agitation per say from my z max and or my 300 gallon sprayer. You do need pressure relief and regulation however.
  9. RigglePLC

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    Recirculation of excess pressure or flow from the main pump is the usual way to add agitation. You run it for 30 seconds with the spray nozzles, off while it recirculates using the excess flow. Agitation nozzles inside the tank will be a help. Naturally you need through-tank fittings. Feel free to put the through-tank fittings on the top for less chance of leaks. An interior tube then runs to the bottom of the tank; add the agitation nozzle after a 90 degree elbow at the bottom of the tank.
  10. jbturf

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    ok, some im getting close to complete on this mod,
    im also adding a single broadcast nozzle

    so ive removed the tiny factory strainer attached to the main pump,
    replumbed the draw line to 5/8" and mounted a teejet line strainer,
    then i split the 5/8" after the strainer to 3/8" to each pump.

    for some reason i only got 1 bulkhead fitting when i ordered parts,
    so ill have to get another to complete it ( its dual tanks)
    but both pumps seem to run fine and my voltage is still at 14.5 with everything

    couple questions,
    -something cheap to put at the end of the agitation line in each tank, a nozzle or something?
    -i need a selector valve to route spray output to my single nozzle,
    i ordered 1 i thought looked good online, but it is huge dont think i can fit it,
    any ideas on a smaller one? link to the one i got

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