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    I have a finn 25gal. sprayer I use on my atv. My question is, can you add an agitator to a sprayer that doesn't have one?.......thanks
  2. RigglePLC

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    Do you mean Finn or Fimco sprayer? Electric or gas?

    Bypass agitation would probably be adequate for liquid herbicides and insecticides. I have a picture of my agitation set up for my Permagreen in a picture on here somewhere from last fall. Essentially you feed the pressure bypass return hose down into the bottom of the tank and arrange nozzles to cause the liquid to swirl or rotate. Run it for a few minutes before begininng to spray. You need to screw a hose barb into the inside of the tank--usually.

    A big white plastic spoon works fine for small tanks. :waving:

    Another option (just an idea) is to mount an electric motor (with switch) on top of the tank and drop a shaft down into the tank. Put a propellor on it or use a paint stirring paddle. Leaky seal could be a problem. You might try a submersible bilge pump or fish livebox pump. Borrow it from you bass boat. :laugh:

    Or use an electric drill and put a paint stirring device in it and give it a spin--(use the five gallon size stirrer). This makes an amazing amount of agitation.
  3. fordnut

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    I have a fimco... sorry
    It is an electric 3.8 GPM. When you say the bypass hose, thats the hose that is returning some liqiud back to the tank, is that right? Should I put an extention on so it reaches the bottom of the tank?....thanks
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    Riggle Bypass agitation idea would be the cheapest and best way to go. I would drop a hose to just above the bottom of the tank and add a Zero Point nozzle. The hose should wiggle back and forward under the Bypass agitation pressure and give you great mixing. Look at pressure washer parts for zero tip nozzles. I like to use the fast snap connectors and smaller pressure washer tips for some spot spraying. I also use a pressure wash gun for spot spraying.
  5. fordnut

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    Thanks for the info, I'll try it.

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