AGLC, New Here, just looking to find like minded folks.

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    My name is Kirk, I run Always Greener Lawn Care in Columbia Missouri. I have been doing this since 2007. Started with a JX85 and a silver bullet and now have a dedicated 93 F150 4x4, 48" ferris walk behind, 32" ferris walk behind and still running the 21" JX85 (when I really need it), 12ft trailer and redmax/echo trimmers and blowers. I am up to about 35 regular lawn accounts. I still do this part time ish, I am an insurance Underwriter by day. I have one almost full time guy that is helping me out this year. Next year I am planning on going full time in the spring. Trying to get all the equipment and get ready financially to make the leap. So basically I am here to learn what I can. Trying to make my business the best one around my area.

    Thanks for having me,

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    Way to go Kirk! I like the cut of your jib(as my dad would say) I am trying to make my company the best in the area also....This is a great place to learn and read and vent and test new ideas... lots of fun... Don't listen to the haters on here, people who think they know what is best for you and your company... And remember that landscaping is very regional and what might work for me in Upstate New York may not work for you in Missouri... Have fun and welcome

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