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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lasko's Lawn Service, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Lasko's Lawn Service

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    Yeah this is another thread on backpack blowers but I'm totally up in the air on whether or not to buy a handheld blower or a backpack. My delimma is whether or not I can really justify a 500.00 backpack blower. So my question is what else besides blowing off hard surfaces do you guys use the backpack for? Also, I have many little properties that just need their driveway, porch, and walks blown off, so is the backpack too cumbersome for quick blowoffs? I live in NW PA and we've had plenty of snow this year. If I opted for the Stihl BR 600, could I blow a couple of inches of snow off my driveway? Thanks in advance for all comments, I know we've had plenty of these kinds of threads, but I'm into banking cash instead of buying any unnecessary equipment that I can avoid.
  2. markahurley

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    can you justify the purchase? that all depends on your personal situation. is a good blower worth that amount? absolutely. worth every penny. if you buy a backpack blower, buy one with power. it is indispensable. you say you don't anticipate needing that much power. once you experience the difference, you will wonder how you ever did without it. more power means you can make short work of the clippings you currently blow. you will be able to handle fall cleanups much more efficiently. as well as odd jobs, even a few inches of snow.
  3. cgaengineer

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    When I dethatched my lawn I used my BR600 to blow all the debris into piles so that I could rake them into tarps.

    Just last weekend I used it for keeping my fire going outside (I was burning some sticks and rotten firewood. Let me tell you, you can burn a ton of crap in a short time when the fire is force fed.

    I still use my BG85 to blow out my own garage, my clients walkways, porches and for the installation of pine straw.
  4. CreativeEdge

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    Agreed, spend the money. I have a br 600 and absolutely love it. During your summer months you really dont need anything all that powerful just for blowing grass off drives but fall cleanups are hell if you dont have the proper equipment. Spend the money on a good blower it will last and be worth every penny
  5. QualityLawnCare4u

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    Exactly! The BP is a absolute must for fall cleanups, can't imagine how I ever done without it. In the summer the handheld gets used for small jobs but if I had to choose only one it would be a BP.
  6. Ed Ryder

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    A backpack blower is so much better! You'll be able to blow those clippings off driveways, sidewalks etc much faster! And in this business time is money. That thing will last you a long time too. Absolutely, it's much smarter to get a backpack, plus you'll be able to make money with it cleaning up leaves. Forget about blowing snow with it though. (I've tried it.)

    There is a huge difference between a backpack blower and a hand-held blower. Huge!
  7. kleankutslawn

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    A back pack blower is a must for me.
  8. yungman

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    A blower is about the most useful equipment I have. Other than for lawn, I use it to blow dry my cars after washing. It work so well, get rid of water without leaving water stain. Blow dry windows after washing. Blow all dirt out of the garage, dirt off lawn equipments etc.

    I have a hand held blower only. I found when I blow leafs, I constantly have to change hands to blow a wider path. If I have the back pack, I would have to keep going side to side to do the same job. That make me think of the advantage of using two hand held one on each hand!!!! This might sound crazy. I post this idea in this forum last month, someone reply saying that was exactly what he did and he found it work so well!!! I have no experience having two hand held, just an idea!!!!:laugh::laugh:

    If that is true, two hand held can be cheaper than one giant BP!! Hand held is just so much more mobil. You might be able to get away with cheap stuff from Home Crapo!!!!!
  9. markahurley

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    perspective depends entirely on application. when doing a fall cleanup, you can be as mobile as you want, but what does it matter which hand is holding the blower when it can't move the pile of leaves? and speaking of moving side to side, when you are blowing a large area, whether you are using handhelds or backpacks, you're going to have to be walking either way. the difference of switching hands is so negligible, that shouldn't even be a consideration. and the idea of two handhelds? that's hardly worth a response. while we're at it, instead of buying a walk behind, why not just buy two craftsman pushmowers and use them side by side? that's pretty much the equivalent of what you're suggesting. efficiency is the key to productivity. buy the right tool for the job.
  10. delphied

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    I started with a handheld and then went to the br600 for fall cleanups. Noow it is my blower of choice because it saves time over the handheld. Works real well for me in 2 to 3 inches of snow on my 12 x 60 driveway.

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