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    I live on 5 acres that I converted from farmland just south of San Antonio Texas. My property is very sandy. I have not yet been able to establish much grass. My wife breeds dogs for a hobby. We have about 20 dogs in pens outside. We have a terrible flea problem. My neighbor gave me a bucket of Agrevo Drione. It is suppose to be very good on fleas. Can anyone tell me about this insectide and how to use it.
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    drione is a VERY light dust it will not stay where you put it outside the wind will blow it RIGHT away.
    read the label it is the LAW.
    I doubt very much that you can apply it outside.
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    Do a search for the product and you'll find the label .
    All you need to know is right htere .
    However , it won't fix you flea problem .
    You wil need a pro for this .

    There are some diys sites on the web that will help you with this .

    Search for flea control will take you there

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