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    I was wondering if anyone was familer w/the broadcast spreader that Agri-Fab makes to mount to an ATV. I was thinking about getting one and retrofitting it to fit my ZTR. They are special order from Home Cheapo, friend of mine works there said their cost was 189.00. He will sell it to me for 200 plus tax. I just wanted to see if anyone had experiance w/this unit.
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    I got one and use the heck out of it for seeding and fert. But I'm mostly seeding sides of rd. after they run water or sewer lines doing restoration work and a few larger lawn installs [over 5 acres]. If you hook to mower you should have no trouble I pull mine with atv and have to keep speed under control becouse I where out the gears to fast. I get a new one each yr. becouse the old ones just not reliable enough but I putting a lot of miles on them.
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    Spend the extra money and get a Lesco electric. The reason being just about every fertilizer manufacture will give Lesco setting for calibration. You will save the extra money spend on equipment 100 times over.
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    Not to mention the calibration and spread pattern. The AG's are basically a low end model, and you SURE don't want to be counting on them for ferts. I have one of the push type, and it gets loaned out or used occasionally for overseeding, but that is it. Just not consistent enough to be dependable.
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    ProLawn has a great spreader out on the market with electric gate and motor controls and a built in funnel that allows for dumping material at the end of the day. Their web site is I believe like runner you get what you pay for in this business. Spyker also has a good spreader Any one besides me used these products?
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    The ag were bought by MTD a couple of yrs ago, that kind of explains why there only good for a yr.
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    I switched over to Spyker this year and absolutly love em to death.
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    Don't bother with a lesco electric, it's not worth the money! If you spread fert at all the motor will rust out in 30 to 60 days and then you have replace it and last time I did that it was about $200 just for that little motor. If you decide to use an electric spreader save yourself some time and money and buy a spyker. You may spend a little more at the start but it will last a long time. I have 1 we have used for 3 years and replaced 1 motor (at a cost of $110) after about 1 1/2 years. P.S. All Z-sprays come with spykers on them.
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    I have a new spyker sreader. The thing is awesome! It's soemwhat pricy, but good! I just foundout the hard way that the 88 model doesn't spread hardly enough lime out at its highest rate. only puts out only a measly 14lbs/K criss-cross applying. Other than that, it is a good product. you can get it to apply the fert perfectly, evenly from side to side. it also has a feature that will keep the fert from entering the beds and sidewalks and what not. as long as itis kept clean after using, Spyker guarantees it won't rust.
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    I’ve got a barn full of “trial and error” spreaders. I’ve tried Agfab, Lesco, Spyker, John Deere to name a few. I don’t see how anyone can use a tow-behind without eventually dumping a load of fertilizer in a customer’s yard due to a pothole. Been there and done that. Definitely makes sense to mount your spreader on a stable vehicle.

    I’ve used a JD gator for a couple of years with a Curtiscab spreader mounted on the rear. It is super heavy duty but does not have any options for adjusting spread pattern. You have to spread in circular pattern or it will definitely streak. It does have some non-stainless metal parts also. If I ever replace it, I will look at a front mount like has or better yet a spyker if it is adaptable. It is much easier to monitor in front than behind you.

    I used an ATV for a while with tow -behind Agfab and John Deere spreaders. Both spreaders were unstable and the agfab was basically “cheap”. Deere’s model was not much better,--- a disappointment it carried the Deere name. I found it hard to maintain constant slow ground speed with an ATV. Agfab push spreaders are hard to maintain calibration and you basically get what you pay for. Both my agfabs had bushings instead of bearings and exposed gear-drives which will quickly corrode. Currently, Lesco is my push spreader, but I have to agree with other posts that its pattern is not as consistent as I would like for the price of the spreader. I do like its all stainless construction and easy adjustment.

    My zspray has a spyker spreader. Although I have only ran it for a month, I certainly do prefer it so far. Spread pattern is excellent and adjustments are easy. Zspray uses a hydraulic spinner rather than electric. Only problem has been some “bridging” below the agitator in the hopper--- mostly due to old, dusty fertilizer. I certainly would give consideration to spyker’s products.

    Hope this helps.

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