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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by LRLS, Jun 6, 2004.

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    I have an Agri-Fab broadcast spreader. Also have allot of clover in my yard.I purchased Lesco Momentum 21-0-12E W&F but can not find the application setting. Thank you !:confused:
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    Should show in the book how to calibrate the spreader.

    If not, you'll have to set up the spreader, see how wide the distribution pattern is, then divide that by 1000. That way you know.... say 7' wide pattern, you have to go 143' to cover 1000 sq. ft.

    Now you have to figure out how long it takes you to cover that 1000 sq ft, or how long it takes to you travel in a straight line for 143', since you be spreading 7' the whole time. Now, if it takes you 20 seconds, then you know you'll cover 1000 sq ft every 20 seconds.

    NOW you need to see how long it takes to get rid of 1000' sq ft of fertilizer.

    You'll need to read the label, Lesco Momentum 21-0-12 is rated at 3.6 lbs / 1000. Now you have to put 3.6 pounds of fertilizer in your spreader and get it to empty out in 20 seconds, since that's how long it takes to cover 1000 sq. ft.

    I'd also say you need to calibrate the holes in the hopper, but I'm not sure if Agri-Fab has multiple holes or not.

    Once you get that all figured out, you can spread away, just make sure you don't turn to the right very much, I do believe that's the side the spinner runs off of.
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    Thanks I did the 3.6 lb per 1000 feet. The fertilizer did my acre and ran out perfict not even a cup left. Thanks !!

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