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    Started using a couple years ago (thanks Larry!). My rep is great. Prices & free delivery are awesome. They also have products like prospect plus & non staining iron for our liquid fert.

  2. Turfman3231

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    I got 2 pallet of a product called 30-0-5 at $16.05. it was there product for 30-0-10. JDL wanted $18.95 a bag and a company called howards that start here around year ago wanted $ 16.50 a bag
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    I just received an email from my local AAT rep regarding my post regarding "dusty fert". I told him it's no big deal cuz it all depends on the product content and where it's made. AAT is still top notch for us. I recomemnd AAT to anybody I know.

    my 2 cents.

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    Sounds like your singing a different song to day larry

    Thats funny i got a email from my agrium rep he says guess what im a lawnsite member

    I guess he seen my post on here

    Hi chad

    Charles Cue
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    So what did he say about the fert being so dusty? and what have they done to satisfy you and correct the problem? Obvisouly there was some sort of manufacturing problem for you to be so unhappy.

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