ahh..the joys of reburnishing a trailer..

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by mowisme, May 10, 2010.

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    after weeks and weeks (in my spare time) of working on this..I was ready to install my newly built rear ramp on its hinges that are welded to rear..But just couldn't live with the fact that when I bought trailer a Bobcat had bowed rear half slightly..like a dove tail but not as drastic and from the midway point. So I had made trailer into a make shift ramp and backed MY skidloader up it to take the droop out..worked great except I got it to arch oppisite angle. I purposely left it arched that way..with back tilting slightly up from mid-point..( thinking better when loading weight on rear) then built my rail all way around and welded in place while in that position. I had both ends front and rear suspended with car jacks..and all 4 wheels on axles (tandem) for weight in middle to keep the concave arch in middle. - WELL..back to today- after reconsidering..and not just 'living with it'..I stopped just before sliding gate on..put gate back in garage and spent best part of day cutting/grinding braces off of frame so trailer frame can return to a straight line rather than the concave its in before re-welding back on. Tomorrow if weather permits I'll re-weld every rail brace back to side of frame while its in a straight form. It would have been easier mowing today- But I feel better now frame is straight..not arched. Used trailers are SO much fun!

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