ahh!! whats happening toro transmission

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by cowhopper6811, Apr 23, 2004.

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  2. LynyrdSkynyrd

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    I resized your photos and pasted them here to make them easier for people to look at..

    Photo 1


    Photo 2


    Looks as if you have a Peerless Transmission.

    Cant say 100% for sure. But it looks to me as if you have bad oil seals.

    Clean the area real good. Then "drive" the mower for a few minutes, stopping very few seconds and look for oil coming from around the seals or from between the adapter and transmission case if you can not see the seal.

    If you find that it is the seals and have or replace them yourself. Try to keep grass blades, string and other items from wrapping around the output shafts behind the axle adapters. For grass and such creates a lot of heat and can shorten an oil seals life a great deal.
  3. barnard

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    The peerless gearboxes dont have seals they just rely on thick grease . perhaps someone filled it with a light grease. or maybe it just excess grease from the shaft couplers.
  4. grass_cuttin_fool

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    Thats what I thought, too much grease on couplers. Last summer I greased mine too much and had a small amount like that when it was very hot last summer .
  5. cowhopper6811

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    I cleaned it twice already, once was befor i mowed, and the other time i did it after i mowed. The next day went i went out, there was like... a puddle of oil there.

    This is all new too, like, last year it didnt do this, ever, but that was last year, befor it sat outside in the shed all winter..
  6. metro-hp_48

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    It's a good Idea to check it every year, and fill /replace the grease as needed. Peerless use Bentonite grease. Think it holds 14oz., which is how it comes. j-thomas.com has it for 6.99.
    (I use a Lithium based grease myself, but that's beside the point)
  7. LynyrdSkynyrd

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    Thanks for letting Hopper know that the transmission does not have seals.
    I know that the one on my Snapper walk behind does not have them and was not sure if that applied to all Peerless tansmissions or not.
  8. cowhopper6811

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    You must think i'm a moron, casue i am, but how would i go about changing the grease.... i know how i would reflil it, but is ther any way to really train it??

    thanks for all the help
  9. Mikes Machines

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    The trans does not have a drain on it. The grease is too thick to run out. You will have to disassemble the top and bottom case halves then wash all the old grease out with solvent. Then squeeze the grease out of the tube into the trans and reassemble. It is REAL MESSY!!!!!
  10. cowhopper6811

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    hahaha, aww man, i'm going to brake something

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