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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Carolina Cutter, Sep 25, 2004.

  1. Carolina Cutter

    Carolina Cutter LawnSite Senior Member
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    I am sitting here at my desk and a fellow competitor is down the street cutting a yard. Dang nice set up he's got. 20' enclosed gooseneck trailer and f-350, couple of zeroturns, etc.

    Him working on my street is not the problem. I DO NOT cut on my street for the simple reason of people show up and bother me at the least convienent times. What is bothering me is the fact that I am always looking for ways to grow the business and instead of working I am sitting here. Now mind you...all of my accounts are current. I guess I have too high of a drive of work ethic. Hell, I think about getting out and working at night....wtf?

    I guess its the drive to be successful that is making me feel this way which is not a bad thing. I am always thinking about the business. Oh....I better run my business and not let it run me. Heck I have been thinking about leaf season since the first part of August.

    Do you guys ever feel this way or is it just me? :dizzy:
  2. osc

    osc LawnSite Senior Member
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    I spent the better part of 10 years as a complete workaholic by any standard. I could not feel comfortable unless I was working. I am better now but I still have problems and I am still feeling the effects of running so hard for so long.
  3. Runner

    Runner LawnSite Fanatic
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    I've heard people say alot of reasons why they don't do theor neighbors' yards, etc.. I have never ben able to understand that. I have done the lawn directly across the the street for about 20 years, now. Even after both people passed away, the family still had me doing it until it was sold. Now that it is sold, and new people are living there (great people), I am STILL doing it. I also do the neighbors next door to them, who live on a corner of a subdivision approach. I do the people nxt door to them as well, and the people directly across the street from THOSE people, so I have 4 house in one stop - no problems or regrets the whole time. 2 doors down, I have another stop, and in the sub I have several. I've never had any problems, and will continue to service these places as long as I'm invited.
  4. Bray

    Bray LawnSite Member
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    I have to work a lot. I have a big issue with what and where I wanted to be when I was 30. Well I'm at 30 now and it seems my expectations are higher than before. The only time I don't think about work is when I'm working. Imagine that! My inspiration comes from my wife and my little boy. I just don't want to let them down. Saturday night and Sunday is their time I do whatever they want to do. If they don't have anything to do I end up tinkering around in the shop on Sunday and fix what needs to be fixed but I'll drop everything to hang out with them. I also found out a long time ago there is a night with every day so I mostly work on my stuff when they have gone to bed.
  5. Bray

    Bray LawnSite Member
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    I mow a couple in my neighborhood with no problems. Nice people.
  6. Grasman

    Grasman LawnSite Member
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    We have 20 customers that are close enough that we can drive the mowers right to them. Just put the trimmers and blowers between our feet and go. Don't do it all the time because most of the time we have customers further away on the schedule so it's easier to use the trailers and make the stops.
  7. pjslawncare/landscap

    pjslawncare/landscap LawnSite Bronze Member
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    My work stopped consuming me after about ten years of busting my butt, then we bought our boat, camper and a few other toys. Now I crack the whip durring the week so I can have the weekends off. My guys like having the weekends off also, but they know if we dont finish our weeks routes, we will work Sat. so we seldom have to work weekend except in springtime. Now I relaxe and enjoy life on the weekends.
  8. thor

    thor LawnSite Member
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    I used to feel the same way last year but then I started to think about it and I decided this year that it was stupid not to do homes in my subdv. i now cut 9 in subd. 5 in a row + 4 others spread out plus i got the contract from hoa for the entrance. Bonuses= no winsheild time ,save money on gas,people like the fact that i am a neighbor , i havent had one stiff me,+I see the props on a dailey basis so i dont have any surprises when i show up. I hope to have at least 30 signed on by the end of next spring .
  9. Carolina Cutter

    Carolina Cutter LawnSite Senior Member
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    all good responses.......was venting yesterday...thanks
  10. Eric 1

    Eric 1 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    It bugs me to see somebody out cutting when i am not,just my workaholic coming out i guess.it makes me want to go work. I have been know to mow my own yard when it was just cut days before just to be on the mower.I think I am obsessed.

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